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Click on the year group link below. This home learning is for one week.

Week 3 – 18th January

Nursery Week 3 Home Learning

Reception Week 3 Home Learning

Y1 Week 3 Home Learning

Y2 Week 3 Home Learning

Y3 Week 3 Home Learning

Y4 Week 3 Home Learning

Y5 Week 3 Home Learning

Y6 Week 3 Home Learning

Learning Resource Packs for Week 3!

In order to supplement and support the home learning we set each week for your child, we will be providing additional resource packs that will include exercise books, workbooks and resource sheets.

These can be collected from the school on Monday 18th January at set times. 

Please send only one person to collect these. The class teacher may not be available as they will be in class with the key worker children or responding to the home learning during that day.

You must respect social distancing rules and wear a mask while on the school site.

Timetable for collection is listed below. 

Monday 18th January ONLY- Resource Pack Pick Ups: Please collect at the allocated time only

9.30am: Reception – collect from the Reception playground via the Reception gate 

9.30am:Year 6 – collect from the top playground via the back gate

11am:   Year 1  – collect from the Reception playground via the Reception gate 

11am   Year 5 – collect from the top playground via the back gate 

1.30pm:Year 2 – collect from the Reception playground via the Reception gate 

1.30pm  Year 4 – collect from the top playground via the back gate 

2.30pm: Year 3 – collect from the top playground via the back gate

Key Worker children will also use these packs when they attend school – please ensure they bring them with them.

Week 2- WB 11th January 

Welcome to your Week 2 of home learning! Make sure you listen to the message from your class teacher this week on the Purple Mash 2-Dos!

Nursery Week 2

Reception Week 2

Y1 Week 2

Y2 Week 2

Y3 Week 2

Y4 Week 2

Y5 Week 2

Y6 Week 2

Class teacher contact
Please find a list of the class emails. These addresses are so that you can ask your child’s class teacher for any help around home learning.  Please note that you may not get an instant reply. The staff of Wrotham Road will also be in contact with you to talk to the children just to touch base when we can.
We would like to send our very best wishes to all of you at this very difficult time, we understand how challenging this period will be for all of us.
Keep reading, exercise, do the best you can with the work supplied and stay safe.
Mrs Jack
 Mr Nouri              Nursery@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk    
Mrs Shaxted and Miss Hawes         YearRS@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Mrs Bhathal      YearRB@wrotham-road.kent.sch.u
Miss McIntosh      Year1M@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Mrs Chappell and Mrs Taffs        Year1CT@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Miss Butt     Year2B@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Miss Stone     Year2S@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Mrs Foord     Year3F@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Miss Anwar      Year3A@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Mrs Evans      Year4E@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Miss Tan      Year4T@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Mr Alderson        Year5A@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Miss Stenson Year5S@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Mr Smith Year6S@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Miss Karim Year6K@wrotham-road.kent.sch.uk
Week 1- WB 4th January 

We will provide this in the following ways:

Purple Mash Online leaning to support the work they currently have been completing in class. https://www.purplemash.com/sch/wrotham

Home Learning Pack –  ‘Home learning pack’, containing carefully selected stage, age and subject-related materials for your child to work through at home. They will cover the ‘essential’ areas of learning which need to be practised on a daily basis.

Online Planning and Resources– In the folders below you will find extra resources; aids and links to support your child at home.


Times Table Rockstars: play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student. The school post code is DA11 0QF

Sumdog: sumdog.com/user/sign_in. You will be able to sign in as a parent and access a variety of free games – or upgrade to a subscription should you wish to do so.


whiterosemaths.com/resources/primary-resources/ This website allows access to some free resources such as ‘Problems of the Day’ and ‘Barvember’.

myminimaths.co.uk/ Here you can find Maths activities tailored to each Year group.

mangahigh.com/en/ Access to these maths resources is currently free of charge

mathshed.com/ Here you can sign up to access free resources to support Maths learning






These activities from the Science Museum can be sorted by key stage and may be useful to those with older children too:


The STEM website has a range of downloadable resources sorted by topic and year group:





ducksters.com/history/westward_expansion/ – for Y6






twinkl.co.uk/resources/parents Twinkl are offering a variety of free resources for parents, covering a wide range of subjects.

In very exciting Harry Potter related news, JK Rowling has launched a new website for children to explore at home. It is packed with quizzes, magical craft videos, puzzles, fun articles and special activity packs.



pobble365.com/  (not secure) Here you will find a selection of images, each with suggested ideas for vocabulary and discussion work, along with possible story starters.

nessy.com/free-trial/signup – phonics

literacyshed.com/home.html Here you will find a wide variety of visual stimuli from animated shorts to interesting images, along with suggested ideas to extend learning

thereadingrealm.co.uk/ This website uses short stories as a stimulus for learning.

bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zkbkf4j/articles/zbm8scw   – Spelling and Grammar

topmarks.co.uk/english-games/7-11-years/reading – Reading and Comprehension


onceuponapicture.co.uk/the-collections/the-inference-collection/ – writing

Read, Write, Inc. daily phonics lessons: youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is also available on Audible to listen to as often as you like over the coming weeks for free:



The following websites provide some simple opportunities for children to stay active:






cosmickids.com try some yoga at home

BBC Super Movers – bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers

Premier League Primary Stars – plprimarystars.com/for-families



Meet the Nursery Team


Meet Year R- Mrs Bhathal, Mrs Shaxted and Mrs Strevens


Meet Year 1CT- Mrs Chappell and Mrs Taffs


Meet Year 1M- Miss McIntosh


Meet Year 2B- Miss Butt


Meet Year 2S- Miss Stone


Meet Year 3A- Miss Anwar


Meet Year 3F- Miss Foord


Meet Year 4T- Miss Tan


Meet Year 4E- Mrs Evans


Meet Year 5S- Miss Stenson


Meet Year 5A- Mr Alderson


Meet Year 6K- Miss Karim


Meet Year 6S- Mr Smith

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