Eco Warriors

Eco Team 

The Eco Council will be continuing this academic year and is comprised of children from Year 3 to Year 6. The Eco Council will be run differently this year as we will be unable to meet in person but our hardworking Council will have regular contact with Mr Nouri and Mrs Colclough. The councillors will also be given an ‘Eco-Book’ to write down ideas and suggestions from themselves and their classmates.

Some previous successes of Eco Councillors at Wrotham Road Primary School include:

– ‘Switch-Off Fortnight’. . The Eco Councillors ensured lights were switched off when rooms were not in use.

– Litter picking. Following a timetable, the Eco Councillors ensure that our playgrounds are kept free of litter and recycle the refuse appropriately.

– A ‘Toy Sale’. The Eco Councillors joined forces with the School Council to lead a ‘Toy Sale’ in the school hall.

We hope to have another strong year and build on these past achievements. We have achieved the RHS level 1 and 2 gardening awards ,which is given to schools who have focused on improving their outdoor green spaces. Eco Council will also be pursuing the Eco School Green Flag Award, which awards schools for their work to help the environment through practical changes to school life.

You can keep up to date with all things Eco Council by stopping by our council board next to the hall!